Woodpecker Flooring - Responsible Forest Management Animation


Woodpecker are a family run, home-grown flooring company who are passionate about wood flooring. They approached us to create a suite of videos to promote and illustrate their processes and products. We kicked off the project with this little animation which highlights the benefits of responsible forest management.




Woodpecker came to us with an infographic that outlined the importance of responsible and sustainable forest management. The information was all there but they wanted a more engaging animated version of that graphic to use across their website and to post on social media platforms.

Considering that the subject matter was quite serious it was important to woodpecker that the tone of the animation was upbeat, playful and positive.


Infographic showing benefits of responsible forest management



To begin working on this project we took the infographic, dissected it and pulled any elements we could work with into animation software. However we found that a few of the icons in the infographic weren’t quite right for what we wanted to do with the animation. With that in mind we set out to create our own custom illustrations which we could then implement into the video.

We animated each icon to illustrate the information. We really wanted to keep the momentum going throughout the video so knew that there shouldn’t be any point where nothing was moving. We came up with the idea that every icon should have some sort of interaction with the next. For example, the ladybird flies onto the flower in the next scene etc.

To bring everything together we found some really fun music with lots of sound effects that we could use to bring all of the movements to life.



Infographic showing benefits of responsible forest management

Animation process for Woodpecker flooring 


The resulting animation is a fun, bouncing animation that delivers all of the relevant information without ever being boring and staying true to the woodpecker brand. As well as the main video we produced a set of resized shorter videos for Woodpecker to use on Instagram and Pinterest.


Woodpecker animation on Instagram on iphone 7

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