Cardiff International White Water

This project was great fun to be a part of! Working alongside one of Wales leading web agencies Spindogs, we created a series of studio portraits for an advertising campaign for Cardiff International White Water to be used on both printed and social media.


Sports Portraits for CIWW



We worked closely with Spindogs to develop a strong concept to promote a number of different events at CIWW like stag and Hen party’s, family rafting and indoor surfing. Taking inspiration from imagery from the game fortnite, us and Spindogs developed an image style that could be used to create dynamic, advertising standard sports portraits.

The images needed to depict CIWW attendees as competitors in a ‘video-game’ style stance.



To start the process we invited everyone who was to appear in the ad campaign to our studio in Cardiff Bay. The plan was to photograph everyone individually against a white background and then cut them out and stitch the groups together during the post-production stage. It was important to get the perspective and composition right so we shot people in groups first and then individually to match.

We shot everyone in a number of different poses so that there was complete flexibility when it came to putting the final compositions together.

 Studio Photography

Sports Portraits for CIWW 


The images really came to life once they had been stitched together and once Spindogs had applied their unique design style to them. The combination was a set of really vibrant and playful images that could be used across billboards, facebook and Instagram ads, and for any other online or printed marketing.

Advertising Photography for CIWW

Advertising Photography for CIWW

Bilboard Advertising Photography for CIWW

Instagram mockup of CIWW images

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