PHS Greenleaf – On-Location and Studio Photography

PHS Greenleaf are industry leaders in providing planting and landscaping services to businesses’ throughout the UK. We’ve worked with them a number of times over the years. They regularly require our product photography services out on-location as well as back in our studio in Cardiff Bay. Quite often a job will require both. We will head out with all of our photography kit and shoot their products in-situ whether that’s at a restaurant, a hotel, offices etc. And then once we’re done we’ll take their product back with us to the studio and shoot them there.

On this ocassion, we visited a hotel in Birmingham where we set up our lights and spent the day shooting the plants in their best light. You can see some examples of the product images below along with some of the studio shots which we photographed on a white background, cut out and applied a drop-shadow for a nice clean result. We’ve included a before and after example to illustrate our process.