The Welsh Cheese Company – Product Photography

The Welsh Cheese Company approached us with the challenge of making their cheese look fit for their new website. Arriving with a car packed to the brim with different cheeses we started to assemble the pieces in the studio with the help of a professional stylist. Before the day of the shoot we spent some time planning how to tackle the challenge and sourced some beautiful stone backdrops and wood surfaces to shoot the product on.

Each product shot was meticulously planned, styled and lit to make it look as mouth-watering as it did in real life. We photographed a hero shot and a number of supporting detail shots for each cheese to ensure we had covered all bases. We spent a total of 4 days in the photography studio with our post-production department working on the images live.

You can scroll down to see a selection of the images or head over to the Welsh Cheese Company website to see them in action!


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